3D Paper Sculpture of a Brook Trout Swimming in a Stream

3D Paper Sculpture of a Brook Trout Swimming in a Stream


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The 3D Brook Trout shown in this paper sculpture is in its full glorious mature mating colors. While I was exhibiting at an Art Show in Jackson Wyoming, a Forest Ranger came into my booth to look at my art work. He stood a long, long time in front of the Brook Trout - silent - intently looking. He stood so long - I started to get nervous that I had missed a detail or gotten something "wrong" about it. Finally he turned and looked at me with no expression on his face and said, "You got him just right." and broke into a smile. What a relief!

The sculpture is 13" x 25" and is constructed with acid free duplex stock paper. Each piece of paper is cut out by hand with an X-Acto knife and burnished with a bone burnishing tool to the appropriate shape. Each piece is then painted with gouache paint on the front, back and edges so none of the white of the paper shows. It is throughly dried and then glued into place.

The Brook Trout is framed in a solid oak wooden frame with glass siliconed into place which protects the piece both on display and during shipping.

I will ship your sculpture to you within 2 days of receiving cleared payment. The sculpture will be bubble wrapped and then "peanuted" to protect it during shipping.

For orders outside of the United States, please contact me before placing your order and I will check shipping costs on an individual basis.

Thank you for looking!