3D Paper Sculpture of a Screech Owl In Flight

3D Paper Sculpture of a Screech Owl In Flight


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This little Screech Owl lives at a Nature Center in my city. He is unable to fly anymore because of an injury to one of his eyes. But, because he is so patient and trusting I was able to study him closely enough, do enough drawings to understand him and take enough photos to get his plumage correct that he is able to "fly" with a little imagination in the sculpture.

The Screech Owl Paper Sculpture is 3 dimensional and made from acid free duplex stock paper. Each piece of paper is cut out with an X-Acto knife and then painted with gouache paint on all sides including the edges of the paper. Each individual piece must throughly dry and then be burnished with a bone burnishing tool to the correct shape. That piece is then glued down on the acid free mat board and the next layer is started on. Each feather has to dry in the correct position before the next can be placed. It seems to take forever.

The 16" x 20" Screech Owl paper sculpture is framed in a wooden shadow box frame with glass siliconed into place which acts as a barrier to humidity and the environment.

Screech is more than 2" deep so it casts its own shadows as the light moves during the day. If a light can be directed on it in the evening, it makes the Owl almost seem to jump off the wall. It doesn't have to be a special spot light or anything expensive - it can be hung above a table lamp and that seems to work too!

I will ship your sculpture to you within 2 days of receiving cleared payment. The sculpture will be bubble wrapped and then "peanuted" to protect it during shipping.

For orders outside of the United States, please contact me before placing your order and I will check shipping costs on an individual basis.

Thank you for looking!