Paper Sculpture Memento Treasure Box or Jewelry Box of a Sunfish

Paper Sculpture Memento Treasure Box or Jewelry Box of a Sunfish


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What do you keep in a Sunfish Paper Sculpture Topped Box? Almost anything special! The box is 7 1/2 Inches by 9 inches inside which is roomy enough for jewelry, special fishing equipment, remote controls (!), the "treasures" that come out of your pockets every evening, keys... Well, you get the idea. The bottom of the box inside is lined in soft leather to protect your valuables inside. The top is sealed with glass siliconed in over the sculpture and mat board inside the box to protect the sculpture. The box is made from solid pine, stained inside and out with fruitwood stain, has been finished with a hard hand rubbed wax finish and hinged with brass hinges.

It would make a wonderful present for any person who likes fish or likes to fish. This little Sunfish (Perch) was in an aquarium in a large sporting goods store. It honestly followed me around the tank as I took photos so I got several different views of the same fish when I finally looked at the photos. Wonder if it thought my camera was for lunch?

The Sunfish sculpture is an original paper sculpture. Not a photo. The Sunfish is created from several pieces of hand cut, acid free, duplex stock paper painted with Gouache on both the front, back and edge surfaces.

I will ship your sculpture to you within 2 days of receiving cleared payment. The sculpture will be bubble wrapped and then "peanuted" to protect it during shipping. For orders outside of the United States, please contact me before placing your order and I will check shipping costs on an individual basis.

Thank you for looking!